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Take a look at the month ahead or the next three months!

I look at current transits aspecting your personal natal placements for the selected timeframe for standout occurrences, energetic frequencies presiding/fluctuating, and personal development themes. 

Perfect for:

  • planning and making the most of your time
  • seeing possible upcoming pitfalls and opportunities
  • if you are an organized personal or want to be
  • if you are more of a visual learner and would benefit from a personalized calendar
  • if you are working on manifesting something specific
  • ritual work scheduling
  • being more conscious about personal patterns & behaviors
  • if you want to add or subtract something from your regimen and want to work with available and supporting energy

Must have complete birth information. Birth Date: MMDDYYYY, Birth Time: HHMM, Birth Location: City, State

After your purchase, I will contact you to arrange a time for our call to relay all my findings.

(All orders are processed for the following month, unless future month is otherwise noted. For Example- If it's currently March your order will be processed for April, unless noted "for May" at checkout) 

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