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Postcard Readings were one of the first I ever offered for sale. When I took my first solo trip to the Keys. So it's definitely an OG Reading and one of my favorites to send.

Now I send them every time I travel!

Spirit of Place applies in these Readings. So the vibe of the place I'm at goes into your Reading and no place or vibe is the same. Like Chicago and Nebraska have a different vibe and so a reading given from those places would be impressed/imprinted with that vibe.

Postcard Readings include general, most pressing, need-to-know messages from your Guides and the Universe. And what I've found and love the most about them is that they always meet you where you are, no matter where they're from, when they're sent, or when they get to you.

Note the complete mailing address at checkout of where you'd like the postcard sent.

If you'd like to send one to a friend, just note *their* name and complete mailing address.

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