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I'm super excited to offer this! Instead of a Community Candle for the next New Moon, I'm going to be offering Reiki sessions to your Ancestors & crossed over Loved Ones.

To participate, registration is open now and closes April 20th on the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries.

This will give YOU an opportunity to prepare for it. Preparation can include taking a bath, to help you get clear for their session, burning a Dressed Candle throughout the process for their and your elevation, or having a Phone Session with me in order to receive more specific guidance or direct answers to specific questions you may have. This will also help you to be more receptive to your own intuition at that time and messages coming directly to you from them. All participants will receive a Gift Card to the Shop that can be used towards the purchase of any of these preparatory recommendations. 🌟 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 🌟

After the Session you will receive a transcription of all notes and messages that came through, including any follow up suggestions for your Ancestor or Loved Ones' continued healing. 

You will be required to submit a photo of your Ancestor or Loved One. If it is a Loved One (and not a blood Ancestor) who you are requesting healing for, BEFORE you register, please Message Me. This way I can perform a divination to confirm consent from their Spirit for the Session.

Note your Ancestors or crossed over Loved Ones full name at checkout. And send me their picture.

You will be contacted shortly after with further details.

Please share with your friends. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Super excited & looking forward to connecting with you and your people.
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