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 ...excerpt from Our Sunday Email 💌

I'm so excited! My first Signature Dressed Candle!

It’s for those who are a part of a Diaspora, especially Black peoples dispersed from Africa.

If you’re a part of a Diaspora then you know that everyone has "their thing". Everyone has the thing that hurts them most of all about leaving home, especially if that leave was forced and out of your control.

Mine has always been what was taken from us. The knowledge. Like for example, when we are born in our Tribes, there are Priests who instantly know who we are and what we’ve come to Earth to do just from looking at us. They know our marks and mannerisms. And that was taken from us. We’ve been dealt a life of having to rebuild and reconnect and remember and reidentify. On top of life’s calling, we’ve been asked to reassemble our past, who we were, and who we would have been in order to know who we are today and who we are even able to become.

So this Dressed Candle is to help in that pursuit. It’s to help call back to you that long forgotten identity, true heart’s knowing, and Divinity. It’s to awaken a welcoming in your heart space that remembers the way home; that remembers what’s yours and what can never be taken away.

I’ve come to find that this will entail many different things for everyone as it speaks specifically to who YOU are.

Some things that may be available to you:

  • attracting a Mentor, or schools of thought that resonate with your principles & values in order to build a more solid foundation for your spirituality or practices
  • rediscovering your Ancestry, lineages, native customs & affinities
  • finding a Home (rooted in love & safety & peace, not just a house)
  • reuniting with Soul Family, creating Community, & wealth (not just money)
  • activating stronger natural intuitive abilities (a Claire strength, a divination method you excel at)
  • discovering a pupose-filled career rooted in passion (not just a job)
  • recalibration of the Chakras and developing abilities associated with them (ex: finding your voice/speaking your truth- Throat Chakra, developing more confidence- Solar Plexus, feeling less anxiety and more grounding- Root Chakra)
Really limitless possibilities depending on what your Soul is personally reclaiming & calling in. I’m truly ecstatic and can't wait to hear about you all's experience & connection with it!

Lime, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Grape, Strawberry, Violet, Bayberry
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