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I love hearing from you about your experiences with my products & services, how you're working with them, how they've helped you... It always makes my day and reaffirms the work, the vision, & the mission. These testimonials are also confirmation to YOU reading that what you are doing matters and makes a difference. Every little bit counts and adds up. Helping yourself helps your family, your community, and the world. Past, present & future. Keep moving forward YOU GOT THIS!

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"Thank you so much for this. It is so important to connect and listen! I've been ignoring my intuition. I am in a major tansformation phase, and this reading has grounded/realigned my priorities in such a crucial way. Keep doing what ya do! You're amazing."

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"I just came across your work though Radical Tarotscopes yesterday. Your 3 of wands post on IG (career guidance for K) just hit me so hard and felt like it was just for me (my name even starts with K), even though I know it was likely a question from someone else. It actually brought tears to my eyes, it was so resonant with me and my current situation. I just wanted to send a love donation to say thank you and support the work you're doing! Big love and abundant blessings to you!!"


"Thank you so much. You are always amazing to me and help me through the hardest times of my life! I am so grateful for you!"


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"Thank you so much for your reading. It was really helpful and now I want to get 1000 more from you"


This stuff is crazy! I put the Money Draw Oil on my hands, opened my bank account app, hovered my hands over my phone and did a little meditation. One hour later I got paid from a freelance job I did in January. I didn't think I'd ever get paid for that! You're amazing! And another payment just came in for another freelance job that I didn't even bill for yet. This is seriously blowing my mind.


Thank you for the guidance! I already am sensing so much support from another level. And I love the oil!


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Nisha is a very gifted reader! Her reading was very accurate, down to the little uncanny details. She gave very encouraging, healing and inspiring advice about love and she got my personality down to a tee! I would highly recommend a reading from her. <3


AMAZING! This was a fun read and it helped me figure out this month. This really helped me in the area that I needed healing and I feel so much better. I'm glad I found this and will definitely recommend to friends!


So accurate!!! Thank you so much for the heads up and encouragement to follow my dreams! A real life saver.


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