Specific message for the Divine Feminine

Ok this is a little layered and refers back to the 'Quick message for the Divine Feminine' a little... Sacral Chakra & Third Eye healing

This message is coming up for those of you who masturbate to the thought of people from your past, especially exes. This extends to people who you wanted to be in a relationship with but never were, people who you had situationships with etc.

Spirit is asking you to be VERY mindful conscious aware of who you decide to visualize when you do this. Specifically you need to think about that person's mindset, mental health, stability, emotional balance, intentions etc. Because if there is an imbalance there (ie. if they display controlling, paranoid, anxious, angry, "toxic"... behavior) then the addition/influx/wave of that intense and powerful sexual energy can energetically increase displayed obsessive behavior or for them to become hyper focused/fixated on you from this lower vibrational place.

Because for them it'll be experienced as "out of nowhere" or for no reason or unknowingly or undetectably because the start of the thought pattern was subtle. This keeps YOU looped in their energy too. And keeps you considering them if they "mysteriously" come back around again. But it also keeps you stuck and frustrated because nothing has changed there.

Remember if you're reading this you are a Divine Feminine. You are creating New Earth. You want to live and respond and create from an evolved reciprocal center. And in doing that you no longer behave unconsciously. And so you know that things you do have consequences and effects on others. You know that behavior creates patterns. You know that what you give you receive.

If you've been clearing and healing and feeding yourself love, (and if you're seeing this I know you have), visualizing these people in this way, maintaining this kind of sexual energy & connection is counterproductive to work you've been doing.

So take that moment before, and ask yourself do you want to keep THIS person's energy around you? Do you want this kind of confused energy showing up in your life?

Heal your Sacral Chakra of low vibrational ties. Clear your Third Eye of memory loops of those low vibrational connections. And use your Third Eye to visualize a new person. Visualize someone you don't know. Visualize someone healthy/balanced. Visualize someone you DO want. If anything, for now, visualize someone you have no chance of meeting lol.

This may seem small insignificant and inconsequential but you Divine Feminine know that everything counts and matters. Especially now as you are carefully building your new foundation to your new life. Clear slate. Clear energy. New vibrations and experiences.
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