Seasonal Offerings

All Good Omen products are Reiki-filled with intention.

If you've ever received Reiki you know how intuitive messages came come through during your session.

These are the intuitive messages that came through for the Seasonal offerings across the time I applied Reiki-from inception to completion.

These messages offer more intrinsic & analogous descriptions of characteristics, qualities and potential ways that they can be worked with.

Read each description to see what resonates for you.

Rose Oil

  • others having misconceptions of you
  • wrongfully idealizing you, perceiving you
  • insecurities
  • not recognizing your beauty and value and uniqueness. there's nobody like you!
  • depressed, gloomy, down amidst change
  • not being seen, wanting to be seen, waiting to be seen, thankful to be seen
  • lots of love, rehabilitation
  • personal development, good steady growth
  • solitude, the hermit, deep forest
  • depression, sadness, darkness
  • anxiety, rest, calming/settling down

Carnation Oil

  • happy go lucky
  • peaceful
  • easy
  • breezy
  • growth, expansion, *opening up* & elevating to new parts of yourself, becoming?
  • confidence
  • expansion
  • feeling alone while you go through your growth period, darkness
  • touch, massage
  • syrup
  • throat chakra?
  • (sensuality, naked body, plush, delicacy, luxury, sensual indulgence, uninhibited pure fresh, virgin passion)
  • so perfect, any persons desire, everything, pure in the real/true sense
  • ease

Heart Healing Oil

  • learning to trust and work together especially when you've been hurt by "coming together" before, hesitant
  • "happy/marriage"... Libra season blend
  • coming together with community
  • light, airy, happiness, freedom, dancing, let yourself be free, more and more, dance, move your whole entire body, get air movement around your head, air as a cleanser
  • intention/being intentional, but actions speaking louder than words
  • beautiful marriage
  • romantic relationship
  • anger, sadness, forgiveness
  • wedding bells
  • giving up, tired
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