November Vibes- Above & Below


November 1st
- First Quarter Moon in Aquarius at 8°, @2:37am EST

November 8th- Full Moon Lunar Total Eclipse in Taurus at 16°, @6:02am EST

November 16th- Venus moves into Sagittarius at 0°, @1:08am EST  Last Quarter Moon in Leo at 24°, @8:27am EST

November 17th- Mercury moves into Sagittarius at 0°, @3:42am EST

November 20th- Vesta moves in Pisces at 0°, @4:18pm EST

November 22nd- Sun moves into Sagittarius at 0°, @3:20am EST

November 23rd- New Moon in Sagittarius at 1°, @5:57pm EST  Jupiter stations Direct in Pisces at 23°, @6:02pm EST

November 30th- Pallas stations Retrograde in Cancer at 26°, @3:36am EST  First Quarter Moon in Pisces at 8°, @9:36am EST


8 swords & queen of swords- receiving clarity or solutions to "problems", enlightenment or finding balance to what had been viewed as discord. This also feels like pausing or slowing down or not giving as much attention to past issues. being more methodical or strategic with decision making.

4 cups & two wands (death)- being much more decisive about desires and where you choose to direct your energy and attention and efforts. There is a dissatisfaction with the way things have (always) been and an interest in seeking something new or alternatives. A lot will be put to rest, transformed, reinvented or repurposed.

A Happy Surprise- knight of cups (3 swords)- graphic design will be playing a role in many lives, perhaps taking courses in this regard or doing your own personal design work (flyers, banners, websites, decorations...) Creating a prosperity bowl will be helpful to many. This will be a solution to a past heartache or something that brought major sadness in the past. This feels like setting something right that in the past that may have been a deciding factor or mile marker event, or receiving positive news about something that created a clear delineation in your timeline in an unfortunate way.
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