Notes from a Lotto Queen & Princess: Tips from My Granma & Me on Playing Numbers & Scratch Off Tickets

Let's get right into it:
  • Have your select scratching tools. Whatever you use, stick with it. OR Whatever you use, let it have meaning. (i.e. favorite coin, house key, scratcher they give you at the lotto office, a penny or dime you found and picked up, a coin gifted to you...)

  • Pick your stores, machine or counter. Have a location where you frequent. This needs to be a location where you have a history of WINNING. If you purchase tickets from a store where you don't win, don't keep buying from that location. You're trying to generate and maintain a WINNING energy. Also, determine where your luck is. Is it with the interaction/exhange at the counter, having a store clerk give you the tickets over the counter. OR is it at the machines with no human interaction where you can just buy your scratch off tickets. See which you have the most luck with. And stick with it.

  • Scratch off or playing numbers? Know *your* strengths. Do you have luck buying scratch offs or playing lottery numbers? Or both? Do what you have results with.

  • Planetary Hours. If you work with astrology, Jupiter hour (and Sun combo) is a great hour to purchase tickets. Thursday (ruled by Jupiter) is naturally a lucky or fortuitous day. Friday (ruled by Venus) and Monday (ruled by the Moon) are natural money drawing days too.

  • Any family history? Is there a location where those in your family have a history of WINNING? Play at that location. Keep the lineage going. Remember you're generating and maintaining an energy. (In line with this, play at stores that have a history of selling winning tickets. Stores will post flyers if people have won at their store. Remember when you win, the store wins too and that's exactly what you want, to be in the energy of winning being all around you. "When you play we all win.")

  • Check the stats. Each state has a lottery page. Check the stats for scratch off tickets. They will tell you how many remaining prizes there are for each scratch off ticket. Don't play tickets with low odds or that have been out for a long time. (Not steadily anyway, if anything just one offs)

  • Only play with what you came in with! (aka Don’t play with your winnings!) If you go into the store with $20 and win $50, if you want to keep playing, pocket your $30 and only play with the $20 you came in with. This is how you don't get into debt. You're playing for fun but you're playing to WIN. You're not winning if you're in the negative. Go home and try again another time when you come in with money you want to play with.(Because you also want to create a positive relationship with money. You're not putting the low vibration of desperation or obsession on it. You want to keep it light and positive and welcoming and fun)

  • Distribute your cash, increase your chances. If you have $20, spread it out. Maybe five $1 tickets. One $5 tickets. And one $10 ticket. OR twenty $1 tickets. Get the most for your money. This will also help you to see which tickets have better odds for *you*. Some tickets are lucky for you and not for others. So if a ticket is good for you, keep getting it.

  • Keep cash on you. I know this is becoming a digital world but the energy of actual money and paper currency is real. Keep it in your pockets and pocketbooks. Money has an energy of its own. Money attracts money.

  • Bible verses. Brush up on your scripture speaking about increase and multiplying. Because that's what you want your money to do right? One of my favorites is Matthew 14:13-21

  • Has your right hand been itching? This indicates that money is coming and often a good sign that playing will be favorable.

  • Dreams. Pay attention to the numbers that show up in your dreams. If you play lottery, and know how to play numbers, play them. Sometimes, scratch off tickets are listed by number too at the store. If you have a favorite number or saw a number in your dream, see what the corresponding scratch off ticket is at the counter. Feeling lucky? Play it

  • Oils. Aunt Sally's Dream Numbers, Pocketbook, Money Drawing, Red Fast Luck, Cornucopia Abundance

  • Anoint your hands, cash, wallet & shoes with your oils.

  • Light your candles Those lottery candles you see at CVS. Money drawing incense. Cinnamon. Bayberry...

  • Dream Numbers Book Don't know which numbers to play? Or don't know how to play the numbers you see in your dreams? A dream numbers book can help you with the correspondence. Also, in line with knowing your strengths...if you know someone who knows how to play numbers that you trust, tell them the numbers you dreamt so they can play them for you.

  • Carry your talismans. Have a lucky rabbits foot or coin or alligator hand? Or something you've assigned lucky meaning to? Like a sigil? Carry it around with you. This helps to increase your everyday luck
  • Lodestone money plate Look up how to create a money drawing lodestone plate

  • Read your affirmations. Speak of your luck and favor in the present tense. Have positive reinforcing imagery around of you being a winner and in the flow of fortune. Screensavers, vision boards... Be around other winners.

  • Send Reiki to the lotto location & tickets beforehand

  • Petitions. Especially if you need a certain amount, write your petitions.

  • Spray your Altars, money sectors, and sacred areas with sweetening waters and colognes Grandaddys Money Clip Mist Spray

Let me know if these tips help you! And tell me about your tips and tricks too. Share Share Share. BUENA SUERTE!

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What an amazing article, thank you both! What I love about this is there’s a plan, a strategy, versus what I’ve been doing, walking in willy-nilly and buying a random ticket. I love that this helps me focus and hone in/be intentional about what I’m doing and what I want.


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