December Vibes - Above & Below


December 3rd
- Neptune stations Direct in Pisces at 22°, @7:15pm EST

December 6th- Mercury moves into Capricorn at 0°, @5:08pm EST

December 7th- Full Moon in Gemini at 16°, @11:08pm EST

December 9th- Venus moves into Capricorn at 0°, @10:54pm EST

December 16th- Last Quarter Moon in Virgo at 24°, @3:56am EST

December 18th- Ceres moves into Libra at 0°, @6:27pm EST

December 20th- Jupiter moves into Aries at 0 °, @9:32am EST

December 21st- Sun moves into Capricorn at 0°, @4:48pm EST  First Quarter Moon in Pisces at 8°, @9:36am EST

December 23rd- Chiron stations Direct in Aries at 11°, @4:31am EST  New Moon in Capricorn at 1°, @5:17am EST  Jupiter at 0° Aries and Uranus at 15° Taurus semi-square each other, @7:42pm EST

December 26th- True Node at 11° Taurus and Chiron at 11° semi-sextile each other, @6:41am EST

December 29th- Mercury stations Retrograde in Capricorn 24°, @4:32am EST  First Quarter Moon in Aries at 8°, @8:20pm EST


king of swords- there is a lot of counterpart energy this month. Last month there was the queen of swords and this month the king. So there is a leveling up or graduating or advancement that happens this month in direct relation to last. Especially in regards to anything that may have caused mental anguish or turmoil or distress. This month it can be overcome or expertly managed. This month, how to break a karmic cycle can be discovered.

ten of cups- partnership and being able to create a team from/around that partnership is available. Being able to match energy in a favorable way is also available. So building an organization, starting a family, forming a community are all supported. In a way this can be completing or bringing to fruition a long held dream or passing on that dream to others with a shared vision who can help usher it forward.

A Happy Surprise- the lovers and the emperor (ace of cups)- woah so if you're wanting a romantic relationship that is definitely coming up strongly in many ways this month. Especially if you are wanting marriage or to have a child. So the key to helping this come about is to (a) remain strong, keep your standards, and listen to your intuition. Don't entertain options that you know don't meet your requirements or that feel off to you. If you feel like you have to mold and fiddle and change and shift and prod and compromise it's not for you. Wait until what comes along is an absolute unequivocal YES. (b) Focus on your studies or work or investments. Put your energy into what you have newly established. That will bide your time until more exciting prospects present themselves. So all work now until it's time to play.
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