Dating message for the Divine Feminine

So… many of you may be dating right now, or have started dating after a long period of not dating, or may have several suitors or potential partners courting you or wanting to court you.

The message here is not to rush this stage.

For one, especially for those who have not dated in some time, this new dating cycle is a way for you to start something new and fresh in terms of how you are treated.

In the past when you dated it was from a different center. You were a different person. The types of people you magnetized were different. The things you tolerated were different. And now from this new place you are establishing a new pattern of what you allow, what gets your attention, what you respond to, what your standards are, what you’re attracted etc.

So a lot of this new cycle is for YOU to ENJOY and bask in being adored and pampered and truly loved on. You likely didn’t allow that before or weren’t able to receive it or it may not even have been in your awareness. So really enjoy being taken care of, supported, catered to. Enjoy your feminine receptive energy. (Regardless of gender) And allow the masculine energy to ACT and give and do for you. Say yes. Accept help. Accept compliments.

Secondly, the people you are meeting and spending time with now, are there for your CONSIDERATION. They are options.

It’s time to be in the Third Eye space. Can you SEE a future with this person? What does it look like? Do you fit into their lifestyle? Do they fit into yours? Are your temperaments compatible? How do you feel in your BODY when you are around them? What messages does your body give you when you are in their energy? Are things in flow between you? Do you have to force things to happen?

You likely never considered this before or not seriously enough or not in a way that really mattered. You likely stopped at physical attraction or butterflies in the stomach or appearances/how you two looked together... You may have skirted past their values or behaviors or saw non-negotiables as things that could be changed.

If there are multiple potential partners in your life, you can compare. And it doesn’t make one person better than the other, it’s about what FEELS better for you. Your BODY is the new leading gauge as you move forward. Even if you don’t have multiple suitors, you can cross compare who is showing up with platonic relationships. Notice how you feel with friends and family who you trust. And then measure that up with them.

This time around you won’t be compromising your energy for a connection. You won’t be holding on to it past its expiration date because you aren’t operating on a scarcity or lack mindset/belief system. This person isn’t the last person on earth. You know this person was a lesson an EXAMPLE an exercise on how to discern your body’s language and how it communicates. This is when you understand what that phrase means: “there’s more fish in the sea”. You know that another bus is coming on your route. You literally know now that if this person isn’t a match it means there’s someone else who is, and you are INEVITABLY attracting them.

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