A message for the Divine Feminine

Hi My Loves,

I wanted to start offering these posts because I felt that a lot of the readings out now on this topic cater to the Divine Masculine primarily, and neglect the Divine Feminine- keeping "her" stagnant in "her" life, caught up in "his", and without guidance or insights on how to navigate "her" own energy and particular currents.

So these posts are for those who identify with the Divine Feminine in this life, regardless of gender. Those who are on a path of ascension and elevation. Those who are transitioning/shifting into their soft life of their dreams. Those who are creating new earth. Those who can see a clear line between who they are and who they used to be.

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So, what's coming up for the Divine Feminine...

You may be receiving communication or fast paced movement/action from past people or past ideas that you once cared for or entertained.

The message here is to take your time with these proposals/offers. There's a message that these offers may be opposing or contradictory or mirroring each other in some way, or the need for you to look at them closely to tell them apart.

Lots of things are coming into right order and aligning for you. A lot of world building, leveling up, and things being created. It's important to sit with your self to decide what you want and what vision you have for your self. That way when things present themselves you'll AUTOMATICALLY know if it lines up or not because that will be your gauge.

You're being told that YOU WILL be successful in getting whatever you want which is why it's first important to know what that is.

Once you speak your desires out loud they will begin to usher in very quickly. They may be different from what is in front of you now- which is why again, it's important to go slow now. No rash or rushed decisions. It's not necessary. Nothing is leaving. Everything is coming. Relax. Receive. YOU are calling the shots.

It has been a LONG arduous road of headache and heartache for you to get to this point. Lots of toil. That time is turning now. Love and peace in your heart, and balance is near.

Keywords to Consider: Forgiveness, Receiving, Discernment, Alignment, Brainstorming

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