Give Me Your Heart and Your Money Oil

A little background to the Give Me Your Heart and Your Money Oil...

On December 7th, 2018, I initially went into my apothecary with the intention of making a Jezebel Oil. I immediately felt something take over me and begin adding ingredients into a mason jar. It felt semi-trance where afterwards I had to recall what had even been added. And even then, it felt like what had been added was more than just the ingredients. There was an energy or a spirit that had also been added.

I can describe it as mainly feminine. It felt like an older woman. Perhaps a Madama. But also more elevated, so perhaps a Madama accompanied by an Angel.

Like I do with every oil I offer, I tested it on myself. I do this so I can tell you from first hand experience what types of results are possible for manifesting. Everyone's magic is different, but I like for you all to get a scope of the potential.

When I started to work with it I instantly could tell it was more than just a Jezebel Oil. I started with what my intentions were and I could quickly see those goals being reflected by real world people. So, (1) with what I wanted to manifest, I was then presented with a living example of someone who was living out that reality. So I had a role model. Then (2) I would experience *bigger* goals than what I had in mind. Which was letting me know that I was limiting myself and my capabilities. Lastly (3) I was shown how I could get what I wanted. Sometimes that meant someone actually giving it to me with little to no effort at all. And sometimes a plan or a way of action was laid out plainly for me.

This is why I also call this Oil, "I Deserve". Because it seeks to level you up. It broadens your perspective of what you think you can have and helps you to reprogram why you ever thought you couldn't.

Give Me Your Heart and Your Money Oil

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